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Online HTML Courses

Whether you want to write your own website, start a website building business or write code snippets for others to use, one of our courses will help you live your dreams! HTML (or HyperText Markup Language) is a skill that is in great demand these days. With a growing reliance on pre-built website designs, individuals and businesses alike are constantly looking for a new and unique website designs that will capture the character of their personality or business. Regardless of the level you decide to study at, there will be a market open to you with your knowledge of HTML, so there’s nothing to lose!

Our HTML courses will give you a basic or advanced (depending upon which course you choose) understanding of HTML, structure and tags, page layout, and navigation. You’ll learn about other important design components, such as colour, video, images and sounds. By the end of your course, you will understand how to design, build and test a website and other website components with confidence and this includes aspects such as web hosting and CSS.

Our HTML courses are perfect for total beginners, as they are designed to be extremely easy to follow, so no gobbledygook! They are also ideal for existing website designers who might want to brush up on their skills or learn about new design technologies. Whichever HTML course you choose, you’ll be backed up by our friendly professional tutors who are always on hand to answer any queries or questions you may have!

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